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Thank you for coming to our cover reveal!

Our cover reveal was a HUGE success! Drrrrrrrrrrrumroll please...

Everyone loved the covers, and more importantly, the story and artwork! Here are what a few of the attendees had to say:

"Alicia's book, If I Can't Eat Flies, What Am I? will be a wonderful addition to any child's library. It is a lighthearted look at living with and understanding food allergies. Not only is this a great book for children with food allergies, it is also beneficial to teach all children about food allergies. Alicia has done an amazing job writing this story! The illustrations by Paula Zelienka are beautiful and really bring this book to life! As the grandmother of a child with food allergies, I am excited to get a copy." Jan C.

"This is a charming way to talk to children about their food allergies, or any medical difference, really. The author uses lovely verse to tell the story of Tad, the frog who is allergic to flies. The beautiful illustrations are engaging and humorous. Tad is sure to be a favorite character helping children negotiate the challenges either they or their friends face. Well done!" Ann K.

"Your book is absolutely perfect! The message is so clear! You touch on the hardest part of what someone feels like when they eat the wrong food and it is life-threatening! I love how the frog finds out on his journey all the foods he can eat! I love the message of the story at the end. I haven’t even mentioned the illustrator! The animals come to life! [They are] whimsical and fun and you can see the emotions." Elizabeth F.

"We loved the book! Joseph totally understood tad because he also has food allergies." Mary Y.

Paula and I thank you all for coming and for your amazing feedback!

Until the Amazon and Barnes & Noble (B&N) pre-orders are live, we will be accepting pre-orders on our website. If you order from us, we will autograph and send you the books as soon as we have them in our hands, which means you may get yours before the actual release date of February 9th! Order here:

As always, Paula and I appreciate your support so much. Thank you for being part of our early launch supporters. You are our super-fans!

~ Alicia

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