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Alicia J. Pfaff


Alicia and her family has lived the food allergy lifestyle for a very long time. Safe activities are limited for kids with severe food allergies, so one of Alicia's favorite memories involve all four kids cuddled up to her, listening to her read them a book (the Pfaff Family all-time favorite was Rolie Polie Olie). Alicia never could have imagined that an insensitive stranger would inspire her to create a children's book of her own.


Paula M. Zelienka


Even though this is Alicia's author site, she feels it is important to include her amazing illustrator. Alicia sees this endeavor as a partnership, and wants everyone else to know what an awesome and talented person Paula is.


Paula is a successful artist who never tires of sharing her passion for art with local community members. She teaches at a local elementary school, hosts community outreach art classes at the library, and facilitates paint and sip parties for community members. She lives an inspired life, yet something was missing. She had a lifelong dream that she really wanted to come true.

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