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You must know that all frogs eat flies,

but if Tad eats flies, he breaks out in hives.

So, he just can’t be a frog, don’t you see?

Will he ever determine what else he may be?

A must-read!


An educational, whimsical and inspiring story of a frog who goes on a quest to find out who he truly is.

Jocelyn Soriano, Author

I just love the story! The writing is wonderful, and so is the art! [...] I think Alicia's book would come in handy in so many situations (in schools and at home).

Jennifer Rees, Editor



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Covers & First Spread
Mia: Sheesh!
Silly frog!
Miss Cara: Swish, swish!
May I be included?
Back Softcover
He has a food allergy to flies.
Hello Mia!
You, a duck?
May I be included?
Why, hello!
Maybe you can eat dead flies?
My pie is delish!
I'll try a small bite.
Uh, oh! I'm not alright.
Medic gives his shot.
Medic studied hard to help others.
We're so glad you're alright!
Awe, so sweet!
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A young frog who is allergic to flies believes he doesn’t belong.
Will running away help him find his way back home? 


Tad is sad because he can’t eat flies. Everyone knows that’s what frogs eat, so, he’s sure he must be another kind of animal. The unhappy hopper heads out into the wide world to find out what he may be instead. 


As he travels around the pond meeting a young duck, raccoon brothers, and a friendly cow, his efforts to find a place where he fits in just have him feeling even more lost. Then, the frustrated little guy meets a magnificent medic bee who gives Tad all the information he needs to change his perspective!


Will Tad realize he’s still a fantastic frog, no matter what he eats?


If I Can’t Eat Flies, What Am I? is a whimsical picture book designed to help youngsters understand and feel better about food allergies, written primarily for ages 4-8. If you or your child like endearing characters, lighthearted learning, and clever rhymes, then you’ll love this charming tale.


Buy If I Can’t Eat Flies, What Am I? to help your child leap toward acceptance today!

Alicia has done an amazing job here; I just love the story! The writing is wonderful, and so is the art! If I Can’t Eat Flies, What Am I? tackles such a great and much-needed topic for a picture book. My three boys luckily don’t have any food allergies—and I really feel for children who do—but as small boys they would often question why it was that they couldn’t take any foods with nut products to school and why they couldn’t celebrate their birthdays with cupcakes, etc. Our lives deeply revolve around food and the celebration of events with food, so I think Alicia’s book would come in handy in so many situations (in schools and at home).

Jennifer Rees, Editor of bestselling books such as The Hunger Games and War Horse. 
Pittsburgh, PA

What are others saying about the book?


I understand.


As food allergy parents, it's heartbreaking to see our kids miss out on so much. We want nothing more than for them to experience all of the childhood experiences possible, and yet, memories of watching helplessly as they react are seared into our brains. Sometimes we have to exclude them in order to keep them safe. It's a challenging balancing act—every. single. day. 


While you cannot possibly protect them from the tough feelings that come with a food allergy diagnosis, this children’s book about a young frog with an allergy to flies is a fun and affordable way to help your child feel at least a “tad bit” better.  


Let’s face it, even if we say all the right things, our kids may not believe us because they know we are biased. They are more likely to internalize the message when they see an endearing character struggle through and overcome the same challenges they are facing.


Will one frustrated frog’s travels show him a way to feel good about his unique food needs?


Spoiler Alert: the answer is, Yes! Tad starts out feeling sad because he thinks he doesn’t fit in but ends up confident in who he is and hopeful for his future.

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Available in Softcover & Hardcover

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"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau

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